In all sections of civil engineering and particularly in soil mechanics, the engineer, during the design stage, must ensure that the analysis of soil properties relate directly to the relevant foundation or structure. Using procedures involving extracting, examining and testing representative samples the engineer can compute a model very close to the real situation. In recent years we have seen a significant contribution to experimental analysis resulting from high automation sophisticated testing procedures, updating of International Standards and publication of good testing manuals.

In the field of Geotechnical Testing WYKEHAM FARRANCE is one of the longest established manufacturing companies worldwide. It has always been synonymous with high technology and quality systems. A close working relationship with several premier Universities in Europe ensures a flow of new ideas for development of new testing techniques and systems.

WYKEHAM FARRANCE was originally formed in 1941 by Geoff Wykeham and Geoff Farrance. The original company is now part of the CONTROLS GROUP as the Soil Mechanics Division. This alliance and synergy, the international network of companies, groups and distributors provide complete customer service and technical advice including planning, installation, training and maintenance for all types of laboratories.